Week 6

Watching this bar get more full is giving me life 👏🏻

Yesterday I started week 6. Things are still going strong, though I did yo-yo some around weeks 3-4. Since then, though, I’ve come back around and a little more disciplined.

I’ve started getting smarter tracking macro percentages. Tracking out my entire day at a time has become a part of my bedtime ritual. Building recipes, inputting nutritional info, and picking out my meals and snacks for the next day has really helped me stay on track. I’m really proud of myself for staying so disciplined. I have yet to have a major diet slip. I’ve had a few accidents that took me over my carb limit (low 30’s instead of 20g), but I’m not going to sweat the small stuff. Accidents are typically great learning experience. That’s another part of why I’m prioritizing tracking the night before; if the whole day is planned ahead of time, I’m less likely to eat a food with hidden carbs.

Going to try and add a pic here and there to help track the visual weight loss. Look how cute that sweet boy is 😍!

My wonderful mom picked me up a starter kit for Keto Chow protein shakes. I showed her one of their funny ads and she decided to hook us both up. These have been such an awesome addition to my meal plans!! Very similar to any powder protein you put in a shaker bottle, except these get thick when you put them in the fridge overnight. It seriously tastes like drinking a sort of melty milkshake. Like if you reversed your milk and ice cream ratios. Having a meal replacement that also surrenders to my sweet tooth has been proving to make meeting macros less difficult. I’ve tried a number of flavors now and have to say that chocolate is definitely the best; root beer float is probably my runner up. They have between 3-4 net carbs per shake when made with heavy whipping cream. Not bad for a meal replacement! It’s made my life a LOT easier having a shake in the fridge. With doing all my planning the night before, it’s really easy to get a shake set up for the next day.

I’m feeling much less likely to fail. I’m down 26 pounds as of yesterday, and I am starting to notice. I wouldn’t say I can tell any real difference in my energy or physical capability, but my clothes are fitting better and I think my face has slimmed up just a bit. I never took “before” pics or measured any body stats…I should probably do that soon. I will say that I have had an easier time keeping the house picked up in the past week, too.

I can’t wait to watch this keep going down!

I think I am able to catch signs now that my body is in nutritional ketosis. The biggest hint I have is that I am constantly cold. Like…need to wrap in a blanket and thick socks kind of cold. This has been kind of nuts considering Georgia just broke a record for having 90 days of 90+ degree weather. Also I don’t notice hunger as much. I think I’ve been weaving in and out of ketosis, but it’s hard to be sure. I know there are test strips that you can do a urinalysis on, but I’ve read several articles against their credit, so I figure I’ll save some money and trust the macros.

Here is what my daily goals look like.

Today I knew we would be watching the Braves at 4pm, so I wanted to have our finger food dinner ready around the same time the game came on. I made pimento cheese a couple of days ago and have had it “melding” in the fridge since then. Do you like pimento cheese? It’s so southern! We keep it really simple here and just do two bags of shredded cheddar, a medium jar of pimentos, and then enough mayonnaise to get it to the right consistency (plus salt and pepper). It tastes best after several hours in the fridge! Same with any mayonnaise based salad, though. I also tried a new chicken salad recipe. I was worried that keto would be a challenge when I wanted chicken salad, because my go to recipes have with grapes or pineapple in them. However, this recipe I tried from Pinterest was great! I added more celery than it called for and more almonds. That was all though! Finely shredded chicken, celery, almonds, mayo, S&P.

My mom used to have tuna salad nights when I was growing up. She would put out a platter of cold cut cheeses, olives, sweet gherkins, crackers, and tuna salad. I never ate the tuna because fish is gross, but I always loved cheese and pickle night haha!! I love replicating that for my family now, just using chicken instead. I also made cheese chips for the 3rd time. This was my first time using Cracker Barrel Havarti and I’ve got to say that it makes the best chip yet. Havarti is so mild that it makes a perfect vessel for dip! They are really simple! Just lay slices of hard cheese on parchment paper and bake at 400 for 11-12 minutes.

For other notable recipes, I made a “creamy, cheesy, cajun chicken zoodle skillet.” Here is the recipe if you want to pin it for later. I *LOVED* how fresh this tasted, but J was not a fan at all. He just picked out a few pieces of chicken and then made a bowl of cereal. I added about 3/4 cup of sliced button mushrooms and subbed a yellow pepper for green. I threw all the veggies in together to start sautéing at the same time and it worked out perfect. Other than that, I mostly followed the recipe to boot. It was too runny and the sauce never really thickened up, but I still really enjoyed it.

Probably my favorite new dish that I’ve made from Pinterest is this Million Dollar Zoodle Spaghetti. It was so good that I didn’t manage to take a picture of it, so here’s one from the recipe that I linked above. Everyone liked this one – even the 3 year old!!!! And well he’s insanely picky anymore. I will definitely make it again and again! Only major change is that I used an entire pound of beef (instead of sausage) because I thought that half a pound looked like way too little in the pan; this was absolutely the right call. This also meant I needed a bit more marinara. I have been using Rao brand for quite some time because it is a wonderful tasting jarred sauce without all the added sugars and junky preservatives that you find in major brands.

My next goal is only 5 pounds away now; at that point I will have lost 10% of my original starting weight. I’d love to reach that goal by the end of this month!! I also have another little milestone coming up…within those 5 pounds I will also cross over the weight I was at my first OB appointment in October 2015. So soon I will be undoing the damage I did to myself working in a cubicle, which was gaining 70 pounds in less than a year after losing 60 pounds the year before. It’s time to start thinking about what the next goal will be after this one! My “blurring” tool app has decided to cost money, so I guess I will just go ahead and start sharing my true weight with you guys. I’ve been so nervous to share it, but you know what? It doesn’t matter. Maybe it will help me be more accountable and empowered.

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